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YES has been facilitating students for 30 years with their exchange program needs. We are in a strong relation with our partners both abroad and within Thailand. We are sending and receiving students. In a new country you really need someone who you can trust. YES has always got the job done because of its lifelong partnership with the partners within and out of the country.
YES has been an active provider of student exchange program services. Some of the YES programs are following.
  • High school exchange in Thailand (For international participants)
  • High school exchange abroad (For Thai and international participants)
  • Cultural Swap Program (For international participants)

We can accept students all year around.
The diversity of Thai culture, hospitality of Thai people and the paradise like beauty of Thailand always attracts people to come here. Students from all over the world are coming to Thailand for exchange program for short and long period of time. YES arranges cultural and exchange programs for student. We are offering short and long duration programs. So whether you have a summer break and want to spend a short time in a different school and environment or you are willing to spend a year in this beautiful country. We can help you. We are offering programs with flexible schedule like two months, five month and ten month. YES can arrange a school and host family.
1 Semester May or November
1 Year (8 - 10 Months) May to March

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